Lighthouse Christian Home – Farm Care Private Pay Program


This program will provide support for participants to have a positive farm experience utilizing our farm home, property and animals.   The purpose of this program is to provide a service to prevent isolation of participants of the program and the residents of the Lighthouse by integrating community peers, staff, volunteers and family.


The service provided includes but are not limited to; interaction with the individuals who live at the Lighthouse, farm and garden activities, socialization, lunch and lunch preparation, with an emphasis on life skills associated with family and farm living.


An intake form will be completed by the participant and family that the staff will utilize to insure the participant will have a great experience at the Lighthouse.  Staffing ratios will adequately provide the supervision necessary, but low enough to feel the support of the Lighthouse resident’s and others.  Significant progress or issues will be documented by staff that will be reviewable by guardian.


The support staff will be an employee of the Lighthouse and are required to comply with all with all the expectations of the Lighthouse employee manual and hiring process.  The staff delivering services will put the experience of the participants as a priority.


As an effort to involve many in our community our intention is to have as many volunteers and family members as possible.  These people will be trained and qualified volunteers and follow all of our volunteer requirements.


The farm care program is a private pay program; the Lighthouse will go into contract with the financially responsible party of the participant receiving services.  The participant will be billed at the end of each month according to the participants contract and our billing methods.

For information on this program please contact Shirley Willis at 406-857-3276