I’ve volunteered for over a year at the Somer’s Lighthouse. The residence are loving, caring, and love have people come to visit and get to know them. You can’t leave without several hugs and loads of smiles.


Christmas 2016

Shirley asked me in her thank you for a recent contribution “What is your inspiration for giving?” My dear friend Dottie “introduced” me to the ministry 7 years ago, when she asked me to donate one of my painted carousel horses for the annual sweetheart ball and dinner auction. After about 40 years away from God’s presence (my choice, NOT His), I had been re-baptized in August 2009. My best friend of 30 years has a 31 year old son with Downs. He was “high functioning” (has a job at our grocery store as a stock boy and does custodial two days a week). But still, he will always live at home, since the nearest group home is 95 miles from here; too far for Dennis and Amy to just go see Steven.

I retired from a 30 year career in the Nevada State parks and had a good pension. But five years ago, my husband had racked up some bills on his last home construction job (his career). I went back to work to pay them off. Last year, I paid off the bills then a year ago my husband Merlin died. I am now comfortable financially- house and cars paid off long ago. And yet, the Lighthouse is in need.

With thousands of charities in need, why the Lighthouse? Because you are small, in a fairly small and rural area. I believe in your mission, and I know that God has blessed me so that I can bless others. I do contribute to a few other charities, but less and less often, because as a postal clerk, I see how many other people receive the same letters and appeals that I do. But I see no one else receiving mail from the Lighthouse (1000 boxes in the Post Office where I work). And I know that my small contribution truly makes a difference!

God bless you all!

with love, Barbara

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